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Oldies but Goodies

Oldies but goodies All Mighty Whispers

Strum is the brainchild of artist/musician Joel Letort.

Most of all the lyrics are co written with Steve Line who also Produced and mixed the album.

The debut album “Erase the tape” consists of Ten songs which reflect the character and life of this artist and some of struggles he has faced throughout his life and how he still strives to overcome these. Songs such as the anthemic “Crossover” show how this artist has put aside the negative aspects of his life and highlight the transition to a more positive future. “Erase the tape” also highlights this artists observations on life, love, and surviving in the modern world. Check it out for yourselves. I’m sure you will be singing along to the catchy choruses and thought provoking lyrics.

All songs written & produced by J Letort & S. Line © 2014